Saturday, January 5, 2008


So we've made some pretty serious progress on the house. And when I say we, I mean our contractors Damon and Fred, of Quality Remodel. Although honestly with the amount of time we've put into designing the remodel, and coming up with all the finish and fixtures, it certainly feels like we are in it with them. I can't imagine how any sane person can put this much effort into choosing finishes, and then spend the time to install them all.

Anyway, the house is coming along nicely. Here are some before and "in progress" pictures for your enjoyment. I can't call them "after," because after isn't done yet.

Here's a picture of the kitchen before we did anything to it.Note that the fridge kind of juts out into the kitchen a little, which doesn't look so good, and kind of makes getting into the cabinets behind it a bit of a chore (click on the photo to enlarge). So we decided to bump that wall back a bit to make a little nook for our new fridge so it was nice and flush with the cabinets, making them easier to access.

Here's the back corner of the kitchen with the cabinets removed. You can see the spot where the fridge was just to the right of the cabinet outlines.

Here's the fridge nook being framed in. There used to be a closet behind the fridge that you'd access from the hallway. We donated half that closet to the fridge nook. And while we had all the framing open, we also decided to add a pocket door behind the fridge that would close off the guest area of the house. You can see the horizontal framing for the pocket in the picture. Also notice the stringer that's going over the hallway to the right of the fridge. That's where the door will cut off the guest area.

And here's the fridge nook all drywalled out. You can see we just bumped back the part where the fridge will be so that the cabinets above will also be flush with the fridge front.

Upstairs is where the big stuff is happening. We have changed a hallway into a bathroom, and created a master suite. Here's a picture of the hallway at the top of the stairs before anything was done. Straight ahead is the hall. Down that short hall and to the left is the entrance to the upstairs guest room. To the right is the Master Bedroom and the bathroom.

Here you can see the framing for the new bathroom. We took about 18 inches of the extra bedroom on the left and donated it to the bathroom. We also had to add a door to the extra bedroom to the left of the bathroom. And finally a door into the master bedroom, on the right.

You can see the tub being wedged into its spot. All the spots you see in the air are actually the flash reflecting off all of the dust in the air. Hooray lungs!!

And here's a pic of it all drywalled in. Again, the door on the left is to the extra bedroom, then the bathroom door is in the middle, and finally the door into the master is on the right.

And the interior of the new bath.

Also we are changing around the master bathroom. The biggest change in there is that we are making the shower larger. Here's a picture before.

And here's a pic mid destruction.

Since the shower is going to be all glass, we had to move all the plumbing. Here's the old plumbing hanging free. It used to be inside the wall that we took out.

Here's a pic of the framed in new shower. you can see we extended it out to where the vanity will go. I'm pretty sure that red stuff is water proofing.

And from inside the master bedroom, The bedroom and bath used to be separate. Now there is a new door, and a short hallway created to the now ensuite bath. I don't have many shots of the master before. But here's the closest one. This is looking towards the detached bathroom. On the left you can see the beginnings of a new door. Just behind that is the original door, and then the bathroom.

Below you'll see the same scene with the new design fully drywalled in. The original door converted to a short hallway to the bath. And the original hall closed off to create the new bath.

And here's a better shot of the new hall.

Also we doubled the size of the master closet. I don't have before pictures, because it was just a 2 foot deep reach in closet. Now it's much larger, and the top of the closet can be used as a neat shelf on which we can put some art.

Finally here are some more random pictures of the goings on at the house.

Stuff piled up in the garage. We are going to use the old kitchen cabinets to create a bike shop area in the garage.
Here's a paint booth they've set up in the garage for painting all the doors and trim.

Here's a picture of all the trim pieces stacked and organized for painting and reinstallation.

Here's all the carpet and padding they pulled out.

And a bunch of other construction debris. Ready to be tossed.

The final before and after. And it's a bit of a stretch. But here's a shot of the upstairs hallway from below. Notice no doors, and the small hallway on the right.

Here's the upstairs hallway from upstairs. Notice the 3 new doors and the small hallway is covered up.

So this is it - about half way done. There will be more photos as the finishings start going in.


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rab said...

Did you ever take on a big project. I thought painting the boat was a big one. Good luck I hope it meets your expectations. RAB